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All welcome  – if we have no committee, we have no pre-school!

If you are interested in joining our committee, please speak to a member of staff at any time or email

There is no minimum commitment expected  – just an interest in helping the pre-school to continue! The committee decides matters such as admission fees and opening hours. If you can’t make all of the meetings it doesn’t matter.


Chair – Rob Swindells

Vice-Chair –  Di Morrison

Treasurer – Steve Bell

Secretary – Helen Dunnett/Stacey Brown

Heath and safety – Helen Dunnett

General members –  Sarah Morland, Dawn Price, Liz Driver, Charlotte Thornbury, Kathryn Varo, Lyndsay Gregson, Dominique Helmoe-Larsen, Betsy-Anne Maher

Forthcoming meeting dates

The 2nd Thursday of each half-term for 8pm. Meetings generally last just over an hour.


 15 June 2017

Minutes of our recent meetings

27 April 2017 PDF link
29 Mar 2017 -AGM PDF link, Supervisors Report, Chairpersons Report
  9 Mar 2017  PDF link
12 Jan 2017 PDF link
15 Nov 2016
PDF link
15 Sept 2016 PDF link
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