Fundraising helps us to subsidise those little extras which the children love so much, such as the Christmas party entertainment, the summer trip and extra play equipment. We also use money raised to fund essentials such as training for our staff, rent and cleaning materials.

Here are a few ways you can help (none of which cost you a penny!). (By the way, this page is sponsored by Steve’s Cycles – a great place to buy a child’s bike or repair your own  – find them on or email

1. Use Easyfundraising when making online purchases – so far we have raised over £1,800 from this source alone. Every time you go through a retailer’s site from Easyfundraising, the retailer pays a donation on your behalf to the Pre-school. Some insurers and road recovery companies even pay up to £30 donation a time. All types of online transactions qualify. The website you need is

a. Go to “Create account” at the top of the home page
b. Search for Willaston Pre-school – we are the first hit in the list
c. Then fill in your name etc in the next form and you are registered. Don’t forget to claim gift aid if you qualify.
d. Remember to use Easyfundraising every time you shop online.

2. Raise a smile and donate to us (at no cost to you) when you shop at Amazon – go to

3.Stik-in labels give the Pre-school 30% commission on all purchases of their excellent product, and we raised £78 for the year just gone. It is important that all of your child’s belongings are labelled as we can not easily match toys brought from home or clothes to their owners.  These labels simply stick onto all types of clothing, toys and shoes and really last. Please quote our commission code of 35315 when purchasing. Their website is

4. SUSPENDED DURING COVID-19 CRISIS – Have a clear out and fill up a bag for the ongoing rag bag collection. Bring it along to Pre-school at any time. We raise over £100 per year from this source.

5. If any of you work for an employer who has a matched funding scheme , you could choose to match fundraise one of our events. Please let Jackie know if you would be able to help us.

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