Playing together

We aim to provide a safe, stimulating environment to promote learning and development, with an emphasis on learning through play.  By doing this we help every child to soar to their full potential with tailored care, support and encouragement, and ensure they are ready for the rigours of primary school.

Timetable for all sessions

Registration – We begin with a short registration and talk about the activities which the children can choose from that session. During the morning sessions, the children are split into age-related groups ready for registration.
Butterflies – 2 year olds

Ladybirds – 3 year olds
Busy Bees – Due to start school in following September)

The children sing our welcome song and we introduce some phonics and maths work before free play time. The older children also take part in dough gym exercises to help develop their fine motor skills.

Free play – The children then find their own named cards and it’s time to play – during the summer months the whole session may take place outdoors (we have two garden areas, and a large recreation field for our play). We also have free flow play throughout our premises.

Snack – During the free play time period the children will be offered a snack, which is always healthy and nutritious and there is always a choice, so that all tastes can be accommodated. The children stay in their groups for snack time because we appreciate that our younger children sometimes need more support. A drink of milk or water is provided. The children help to serve their drinks and to choose their snack, which promotes self-help skills.  If your child has a special dietary requirement or food allergy, please make sure you give full details on our snack time form when enrolling your child. A list of our snacks with associated allergens can be found here. We are delighted that we continue to receive the top grade (5) for food hygiene from the Food Standards Agency.

Story time – The groups are briefly reunited before we split again for story time, preluded by the tidy up music!

Small group activity – The children then join their Key Person for a small group activity, based upon the children’s interests and needs and will incorporate concepts such as letter, number or shape recognition games, music and counting rhymes, physical activities with PE equipment and creative work.

Outdoor play – This is followed by our scheduled outdoor play, although music and movement is used if the weather is very inclement.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We follow the themes and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage 2017 (EYFS), which are briefly:

Principles Detail
A Unique Child Each child is treated as an individual and we plan to accommodate their individual needs.
Positive Relationships Through the key person system, each child is helped to become more independent and confident.  We also value strong links with parents through our committee and encourage a partnership approach to the children’s learning.
Enabling Environments Staff work hard to provide a setting which is both safe and stimulating.  We value outdoor play and weather permitting this forms part of our everyday provision.
Learning and Development Research has shown that children learn best through a mixture of child-led and adult-led activities, and at Willaston Pre-school this is accommodated through child-initiated activities, where the children are encouraged and supported to develop their own ideas and interests, and carefully selected adult-directed activities. By monitoring the children’s engagement in these activities we are able to assess their progress in all areas of learning.

More information regarding the statutory guidelines of the EYFS document can be found from the following links:

For information about preventing tooth decay, please see how-to-prevent-tooth-decay

Transition to school
We have excellent links with the local primary schools to ensure that our children make smooth transitions to the next stage of their learning journey. Many of our children transfer to Willaston Primary Academy, which means that they have established strong friendship groups which makes settling in at school much easier.

Oher children will transfer to other schools in the area, such as Wistaston Church Lane; St Anne’s, Highfields, Peartree and Stapeley Broad Lane to name a few. The social and academic skills learnt at our pre-school are invaluable during the first few weeks of reception.

Visits are made by the reception teachers to see the children at pre-school from all our feeder schools during the Summer term.

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